3 IN 1 Step n Ride Lion Walker

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With 3 different ways to play, the having a ball 3-in-1 step 'n ride lion from bright starts is roaring with fun. Baby can sit and play, push and walk behind, or sit and ride.
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Even the youngest baby can sit and feed balls into the lion's mouth, then lift the door to re-discover them. Press his nose to make the balls spin around his mane. When baby can stand, they can push and walk behind the lion to watch balls spin around in the mane, hear fun melodies and silly sounds. When baby is read to ride, the lion converts in a snap to a fun ride on. When baby scoots along, they can watch the balls spin around in the mane. With three ways to play this adorable lion will grow with your baby for hours of fun. Take the time to be silly, live in the moment and enjoy the best sound in the entire world your baby's laughter. Bright starts fun comes first.

  • 3 ways to play: sit and play, walk behind, or ride; watch balls spin around the lions mane in all 3 modes; sit and feed balls into the lion's mouth
  • Raise the seat and convert the legs for walk-behind fun; walk behind and push for melodies and sounds; easily converts into a ride-on with a sturdy seat and easy-to-grip handles for roaring fun
  • Press the light up nose to watch the balls spin around the mane


6 - 12 months, 1 - 2 yrs


Bright Starts


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