Brave Explorer Caterpillar Climb Tunnel

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Children will enjoy counting the Happy Caterpillars brightly colored feet and discover a variety of lively colors. Preschoolers will be enticed to climb up onto the Happy Caterpillar and hug its head and neck, or crawl through the sunlit tunnel
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The Lerado Brave Explorer Climbing Tunnel is great for active preschoolers to stretch their legs and imaginations! This Climbing Tunnel is big enough for preschoolers to enjoy and the perfect size to fit into limited space. Crawl on your belly through the belly of this smiling purple playmate. The multiple colors, tunnels and circles encourage young children to play indoors or outdoors.



  • Brightly colored caterpillar shaped climbing structure for indoor and outdoor play
  • Activities for climb, crawl, and interact
  • Great for child care centers, preschools, and home playrooms


Product Dimension: 160L x 95W x 122H cm

Kids Ages: 2 – 5 years (Max total kids 60Kg)



2 - 3 yrs, 3 -4 yrs, 4 - 5 yrs




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