Carry Along Piano

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Make up your own tunes or play-along to three happy melodies with this fun portable piano
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Features and benefits for little senses carry-along piano

  • suitable from 6 months
  • portable keyboard with seven keys for making music
  • great for little hands to grip and explore
  • piano mode: press the keys to make up a fun tune
  • play-along mode: press the keys as they light up to play-along to the music
  • with three melodies
  • three rollers to explore different sounds and textures
  • encourages learning through play and early exploration
  • helps develop hand-to-eye coordination

Product Information

Do, re, mi... The little senses portable piano is ideal for mini musicians. With seven keys and two different modes, your baby can choose to make up an original tune or press the keys as they light up to play along to three fun melodies. The patterned rollers are easy for tiny hands to explore and great for introducing little ones to new textures, colours and sounds.



6 - 12 months, 1 - 2 yrs


Little Senses


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