Pretend 'N Go Kitchen

Retail IDR 750.000
Little children can become the chefs they always wanted! The set includes a portable kitchen for more fun. The kids should match the shapes of the fruits that help them develop their observability. There are many features that help children develop their motor skills. When the game is over, place all items in the box and close it to be ready for your next adventure.
More Information
  • Little chefs can play pretend with this portable and adorable kitchen
  • Fruit shape sorting can help encourage puzzle play and hand-eye coordination
  • Promote sharing with the 2 plates and 4 pretend fruit pieces
  • Loaded with developmental opportunities for fine motor skills and much more
  • Stow the all the pieces inside and carry with the handle when playtime is over
  •  Ages 12 months and up


1 - 2 yrs, 2 - 3 yrs, 4 - 5 yrs




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