Sensory Ballpit

Retail IDR 850.000
A fun and safe place for your baby to discover, full of exciting features to encourage them to move and explore
More Information
  • Features and benefits for elc sensory ball pit
  • suitable from 6 months
  • great for your baby to explore
  • pit with colours, textures, portholes and detachable mirror
  • Comes with 3 textured beanbags and 20 play balls
  • ideal for encouraging hand-to-eye coordination

Designed to encourage your baby to explore, the sensory ball pit rewards their curiosity with satisfying sights, sounds and textures. The colourful pop-up ball pit has brightly coloured panels, high-contrast patterns, posting-holes to peer through and pop balls through, and a detachable safety mirror for your baby to enjoy.

The sensory ball pit is a fantastic place for your growing baby to enjoy moving, and developing their strength and coordination. They can start to roll, sit, reach, kick and touch in the ball pit, and 3 beanbags and 20 play balls make the sensory ball pit even more fun. Posting playballs through the portholes is a good game – especially when you post them back in.



6 - 12 months, 1 - 2 yrs




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